Coventry Multi-Faith Forum Annual  Peace Pilgrimage 2020                         Give Peace a chance

Whatever your background, religion or faithDon’t be fooled by what you see and hear in the mainstream news. What we are witnessing is an agenda to push extreme views and to divide the general population.  Divide and conquer, distraction from the “wars for oil” in the Middle East. Most people, probable well over 95%, you and me, just want to get on with our life and other people regardless of race or culture and to see the rule of law. Don’t get drawn in to the argument, it is there to cause mayhem. The problems have been put there by those who promote this agenda of conflict. Draw closer to your neighbours and show kindness to strangers, this way we can build a more settled and peaceful World.  Remember, everything is a test to see what we will do in difficult situations, will we reflect the light of God, (which is the reason we come to this life) or be drawn into conflict with our brothers and sisters. God, help those who suffer and God help the wicked.


What and Who we are

Coventry Multi -Faith Forum is a charitable initiative representing people from major faith/no faith traditions found in and around Coventry, City of Peace and Reconciliation.  The forum came into existence in 1996. Company No. 3861480


Coventry Multi-Faith Forum invite people from all walks of life, religious background and culture, to join us in helping to bring community values, community building projects and events, exhibitions and displays of harmony, to the people of Coventry and beyond. Come and join us.


The aim of the forum is to celebrate diversity and foster harmony between different communities by increasing knowledge and understanding of each other's ideals.


Whatever your country of origin


Through its representation at several forums, and its advisory role in the statutory and voluntary sectors, the Coventry Multi-Faith Forum can also act as a channel of communication to voice concerns and aspirations of BME communities on any matters of local or national importance. We have close links to Coventry City Council.

At an individual level, the forum endeavours to encourage personal development through the promotion of higher values in our daily lives.


Upcoming events Coventry Peace Pilgrimage Join us on 7th of November for our Annual Peace pilgrimage 2020. We will meet on the Council House steps from 9.30am and start event at 10.00am


Our activities are wide-ranging and include participation in corporate events such as Coventry Peace Festival, Positive Images Festival, Heritage Open Days and many more.

This years Peace Pilgrimage will be held on Saturday November 2nd starting at Priory Visitor Center. Meeting at 9.30am for greetings and welcome.

We also arrange exhibitions which create greater awareness of diversity. Every year we organise a very successful Peace walk/pilgrimage, which entails visits to different places of worship.


Coventry Multi-Faith Forum

We invite people from all backgrounds and cultures to participate in our activities by becoming a member of the forum. Membership is £3.00 per year. We meet once a Month usually to plan events and to discuss issues and ways to  help the World to become a better place. If you would like to be involved, or even better, become a member, please email us and you will be added to our email list to keep you informed of our events, and also invited to attend our next meeting.


You can also see our facebook page of Coventry multifaith forum and Coventry Peace Walk

Peace Pilgrimage

On our peace pilgrimage we will visit 4 places of worship, a Church, a Mosque, a Hindu Temple and finish off with a visit to a Sikh Temple where we are invited to have a light lunch. Saturday 7th of November 2020. 9.45am on Coventry Council House steps.

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